Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jackie as Editor by Greg Lawrence

Mr Lawrence could have used Jackies services as Editor as there are far to many typos in this book and a good Line Editor would have dealt swiftly with them. The picture choice for the insert is ghastly and ill thought out, better to have none and just stuck with having a beautiful jacket as this book has.

Greg Lawrence certainly has all the gossip in here and a few insider bits and pieces that William Kuhn did not but overall I go against the grain and think that Kuhns was the better book.
There are a number of instances in this book when you come away thinking how on earth did he cobble those exemplars together and make that conclusion, a little too much wishful thinking in parts about what Jackie may or may not have done in regards to editing John Kennedys work and especially in regard to two books published after Kennedys death, there is a world of difference between editing and attempting to control what information goes out into the public arena. I have 3 books that Jacqueline Onassis edited, all are excellent especially Edvard Radvinskys "The Last Tsar" which was a major bestseller and continues to be used for research purposes when Romanov History is being examined, she knew her stuff. Greg Lawrence worked with Jacqueline Onassis on 3 books including his ex wife Gelsey Kirklands marvellous memoir so he did know her and yet you don't come away feeling that he did know her, many sources spoke to him but there wasn't a lot that was new in what they said, with the exception of some co-workers.

The question has been posed regarding History's judgement of this Lady, in my humble opinion from the time of John Kennedys election as President until her marriage in 1968 to Aristotle Onassis and after she returned to New York when Onassis died and until her own passing she was and will always be to steal Sarah Bradfords words Americas Queen.

Two excellent books to read if you would like to know more about her life are: America's Queen by Sarah Bradford and Grace and Power (The Private World of the Kennedy White House) by Sally Bedell Smith. Both big books, they are well researched and beautifully written and easy reads to boot.

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