Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rescue by Anita Shreve

I have read and loved almost everything Anita Shreve has written with one exception, her last book which I did not even finish, sad but true.
In Rescue Shreve takes the simple premise of bringing two people together accidentally and weaves a spellbinding story that while in some parts predictable is never boring and really challenges us to think about choices and consequences, love and forgiveness, duty and responsibility.
Well drawn characters entice you to follow them warts and all to what appears at several times to be certain doom only to snap back to salvation and redemption with a beguiling dignity and a rare compassion. Her chapters tend to be short and her words fluid, lots of exclamation marks and lots of swear words too in places, a dash of humour, some sex, that old devil alcohol is a centrepiece.

If you haven't read Anita Shreve before this is a great place to start as is The Pilots Wife and Testimony, Fortune Rocks one of her much earlier books is one of my best reads ever.

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