Monday, January 10, 2011

Not My Daughter by Barbara Delinsky

I just loved this although I had never read this author before fearing that she was to light for me but I'm hooked.
This book is also the story of teen pregnancy but not singular, a pact is formed by a small group of lifelong friends and as a result 3 end up pregnant. The mother of of Lily is the towns High School Principal and was pregnant herself at 17, a solo parent and rejected by her family by dint of hard work and dedication she has well and truly got her act together or so it seems until everything unravels with alarming rapidity. Consequences is one of the themes of this book and as might be imagined none of the girls had thought that other than having a baby to devote their lives to anything untoward would happen, involvement by the fathers would be minimal and life with a few changes would go along, unfortunately the powers to be in this small Maine town and narrow minded and petty gossips decide that there will be consequences and not necessarily for the girls more than likely the Principal will pay the price for being a bad Mother, a warm book that is well paced, it is blessed with great characterisations and has a number of twists and turns, it is a satisfying read and I now have a stack of her books

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