Sunday, January 23, 2011

Very Soggy Candy Floss...

Babies, babies and even more babies!
Everywhere you look this week there is a baby either hogging the cover or tucked into a corner.

Elton and Davids little Zachary (very cute)

Keith and Nicoles Faith

Miranda and Orlandos Flynn (gorgeous shot taken by Orlando)

Ben Travolta on the cover of Hello Magazine (bit not one photo is he wearing clothes that actually fit)

Liz and Shane are in L.A.

Princess Harrys checklist...are you the woman for him? (He's very sweet but way to young for me)

Sandra's Meltdown...yikes Jesse is engaged to another woman!!

Rachel Hunter has had secret health battles (worst mistake of the decade Rach, shucking Rod)

Golden Globes, who got it right, who got it wrong?

Petra and Corin's first week...

Kates mum and sis hit the sales and look darn happy too

Great ideas for back to school lunches (um...what do they mean back to school?)

Congratulations to Sarah Henry (ex Womans Day Ed) on the birth of her son...3 weeks to go for the lovely Jaquie Brown.

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