Sunday, January 23, 2011

Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards first came into the public spotlight in 2004 when her husband John ran with John Kerry as the Democratic Candidate for Vice President, on the day they conceded the race Elizabeth was operated on for Breast Cancer. Her life while superficially perfect had not been the bed of roses she had dreamed of. Her eldest son Wade died in a traffic accident in 1996, it was a heart break that despite her very best efforts she could not move on from.
She writes beautifully. Never bitter, always searching, always longing and always doing her best to reach the point that she so wishes to touch. She dips in and out of her own Naval Base childhood and tells of her parents long marriage and her mothers never resolved feelings of betrayal, a never proved betrayal but one that may have echoed those that both she and her sister Nancy were to be the unwitting victims of.
There are a few words that would adequately sum up the character of John Edwards who while his wife fought so valiantly lied and betrayed her, had a child with another woman and got a ring in to claim paternity but as Elizabeth chose not to use those words in her narrative neither will I. (PIG maybe) Her homemaking and parenting skills were par excellence as described by daughter Cate in her eulogy and this is how Elizabeth ultimately defined herself. She was always Wade, Cate, Emma Claire and Jacks Mom.
Elizabeth died on December 10 2010 and she has left in this book a marvellous testimony to the power of Motherhood, to love, healing and to not being a victim of others agendas. Wonderful poetry quotes as well, touching and tender.

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