Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Box of Darkness...The Story of a Marriage by Sally Ryder Brady

Magical words painting pictures that will both delight and horrify you. A smallish book it tells the story of the marriage of Upton and Sally Brady who lived a life amongst the literati of privilege, glamour and success whilst the day to day reality for the Brady's and their children was quite a different story.
When Upton died suddenly, Sally discovered that he had a number of secrets, none of them particularly pretty and had left quite a sizable debt.  Although the family had been forced to deal with Upton's propensity for alcohol to survive, the revelations after his death were heartbreaking especially for Sally, a very respected writer in her own right,who had made many accommodations to enable the marriage to continue, she would not consider herself a martyr, so we shouldn't either.
This was a book that for all its revelations and grittiness was a gift to her children and to Upton, it is brave, courageous, witty and ultimately on Sally's part a triumph in understanding, excepting and remaining with a man who could be tricky to say the least.It was a Love Story. I loved it.

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