Sunday, February 27, 2011

Very shaken Candy Floss.

This weeks magazines pay tribute to those very brave people in Canterbury who so cruelly had their lives turned upside down on Tuesday Afternoon.
Many Christchurch Celebrities were caught up in the quake and share their stories including:
Jason Gunn,Gary McCormick, Haley Westenra, Mike McRoberts and Robyn Malcolm.
Simone Warne breaks her silence...
Will Posh overshadow the royal bride?
Camerons surprise prenup.
Christina Applegate introduces baby Sadie..very sweet.
Brads parents move the children's nannies!
Madonna has a new Toyboy.
Daniel Braid is awaiting baby joy!
Elton and David take Zachary to Hawaii...looks like Elton!
Hot Hollywood Hair!
Corrie Stars like a drink or 5.
Liz Taylor has a bubbly birthday.
Charlie Sheen has no job but he does have a new girlfriend!
Rod Stewart has baby No 8!
Jen has her hair chopped (Aniston that is)
Chelsea Clinton`s husband appears to be coming close to a nervous breakdown...
Jesse James is gonna spill the dirt on Sandra...
Bryan McFadden drunk???
Oprahs baby scandal, an old boyfriend claims to have been dumped and theres trouble at her school...
Metro is action packed with articles and columns and this week sees the Oscars being handed out...can`t wait to see if there are some surprises.

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