Friday, February 11, 2011

Uncharted TerriTorri by Tori Spelling

I love Tori Spelling, she may be shallow and dippy to boot but she is what she is and acts accordingly, she is also Hollywood Royalty and she knows all the goss. She is also very honest and with her life that can be rather squirm inducing.
This is her third book and like its predecessors it is easy to read, lively, bouncy and basically a blow by blow account of her life in different chapters as she lives it, she is a hard worker. The cast of characters generally run through each book and so they be come like family and many have in fact replaced her biological family as relations there are up and down, up and down to say the least. A good, relaxing read, that can be very funny in places. Light and easy to read!
Go Tori!

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