Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen Candyfloss....

Poor Charlie is everywhere and not making a whole lotta sense!  He has now assured us he is not bi-polar, he is in fact Jewish via his Mom and is of to Haiti with Sean Penn to help the Haitians! I guess if anyone can save Charlie its Sean...once such a good looking and so very talented man..Go Sean!
David Tua is Broke!
Sandra Bullock assures us that divorce has made her a better person...well that would be likely if you'd been married to Jesse James!
Prince Andrew continues to behave like an infantile plonker..Yuck! Yuck!
Suri wants a $100,000 party!
Whitney Houston's daughters not doing well..drug issues apparently?
Kate dazzles at her first Royal Engagement...what a sweetie.
Kirstie Alley is losing weight!
The Danish Royals show of the Twins...they are cute!
Catherine and Michael Douglas have a very public meltdown with paparazzi!
Lots of Oscar gowns, frocks and shocks!
Sean Penn and Scarlett Johannson went to Mexico for dinner....
Christina Aguilera gets arrested...she was blind drunk so the police locked her up for her own safety.
Katie Holmes is suing Star Magazine...
Lots of Weddings, babies and splits!
Lots of heart warming stories from Christchurch and its very brave people, this as truly shown us how people can look after each other, what a wonderful Mayor they have and the less said about John Key who turned up this week for a quick visit accompanied by gun toting Police Protection Officers, how tacky, insensitive and unnecessary, time that man got real. Spend a week digging John!

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