Sunday, April 3, 2011

Come to the Edge by Christina Haag

For a number of years Christina Haag was the girlfriend of John Kennedy Jnr. She has written a lyrical, loving, generous and honest memoir of that time in her life. There is nothing gossipy or trashy about this book although intimate knowledge of the family is shared and some may be uncomfortable with that but that's their problem.
An even and balanced portrait of two young people struggling with a big pot of life's challenges melded to the normal angst of growing and maturing, falling in love, career choices, the Kennedy legacy trying to find a bridge across which it can all work but realising eventually that it is not to be.
This is a book of much happiness and much pain, much joy and a dash of sorrow.  John died much too young and Christina has had battles with Cancer.
In this book Christina has payed a fine,warm and loving tribute to someone who was such an important part of her life.  She has painted a picture of his character with a rare grace and with dignity.  The words are carefully chosen, delicate, sensitive, vivid and bright and each are right for the line in which the reside.
It is a lovely book to read that flows beautifully and is never stodgy.  I simply couldn't put it down.
Come To The Edge has one of the nicest covers I`ve seen in a long time.
Bravo Christina!

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