Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Sex Candy Floss

This months Metro magazine is The Sex Issue, biggest load of tripe and garbage I`ve seen in a long time......nothing further to say!!
The Australian Women's Weekly has Hayley Westenra on the Cover- a delightful girl with a wonderful voice!
The Dog Whisperer...
William..the peoples prince.
Our Farmer finds a wife!
Chocolate treats and Jo Seagars favourite feijoa recipes.
Reese`s Rustic Wedding, anyone would be better than sour face Ryan Phillippe!
Kirstie Alley wants to win DWTS, way to go!
Russell and Katy look a bit glum, so do Beyonce and Jay-Z.
Annabel Fay shares her growing up struggles...oh yeah must be so hard.
Jen has her eye on Bradley Cooper...
J-Lo and Steven aren`t seeing eye to eye on American Idol....Pity Party Alert!!
Wendy Petrie has a Royal Date....she`s flying over to commentate on the Wedding.
Super Mum Sally Ridge and her children, its a hard life...not!
Courtney gives David a second chance...he`s a troubled little sweetie!
Miriama Kamo is pregnant and it really is against the odds so a big thumbs up!
Our 5 Kiwi Rugby Ambassadors...Trelise, Bernice, Kerre, Carol and Julie, the will light up the darkest field!
Paula Bennet takes heart and Phil Goffs Labour of love!
Peta Mathias joins the Woman`s Weekly as a Columnist and Sido Kitchin arrives at The Woman`s Day next week, gorgeous pic of Sarah Henrys little Cooper in this weeks issue.  Sido has big boots to fill as Sarah did a terrific job with that magazine.

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