Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Praise of Men Candy Floss

Thats the cover story in this months North and South, the forgotten male virtues...a woman`s view!
Jeremy Clarkson`s Sex Scandal! (a kiwi is involved?)
Toni Streets Labour of Love!
Gwynth Paltrow is apparently playing hide the salami with a Glee Star!
John Key and his wife attend Mike Puru`s engagement bash!
Delts dumps Brian...what a surprise that is.
Lady Gaga`s 25th birthday blowout!
Meet Penelope Cruz`s little boy...Leo.
Kate and Mike`s Surprise Adoption...its a puppy!
Sarah Kate Lynch leaves the Womans Weekly and surprise, surprise turns up at the Womans Day  at the exact same time as Sido Kitchin takes over!
Russell Crowes Midriff Crisis!
Simon Gault invites us to meet his Secret Bride!
Kate has Wedding jitters!
Suri turns 5!
Reese and Jim`s Dream Day is this weeks Who Weekly lead and it is packed with all the details.
Scarlett and Sean are ready to wed???
Shorty Stars Cancer Crisis.
And Angelina`s new tattoo may signal a new arrival!

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