Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

A family saga with a dollop of the bard himself, like any number of families you might call the Andreas family slightly eccentric. In this modern age books not television is their thing and the love of the works of William Shakespeare fit right on in.  Mum, Dad and 3 sisters who have a relationship characterised by disconnection, secrets and  a desire to get right the things that they appear to be rather unsuccessful at: work, life and that bigee Love.
When illness strikes their Mother they troop home, each most upset to find the others there, and so begins a journey to understanding, healing and reconciliation.  Each character has his/her own defining characteristics and perception of life even when reality may be a different story, each has a story to tell but it takes a lot of prising to get the secrets that underlay their lives out into the open, a lot of bridges need to be burned and a lot of paths crossed before true acceptance can be reached.
The writing is delightful and the story buzzes along, serious issues certainly but a lightness of touch and a wonderful dose of humour serve this book extremely well, very acerbic in places you can just feel yourself having the exact same reaction to a conversation or situation, in way particular passage I could just see myself and worst still hear myself answer in the same way, inflection, language features and all!! A delightful read, a great first novel from  a writer we will hear more from, especially nice to tuck yourself up with on a now chilly night, a gorgeous cover to remind you of the now departed summer and William Shakespeare to boot! Go buy it!

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