Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards.

This book was read and reviewed by my good friend Suzie Gurr, who knows a thing or two about Reading and Writing!

As I read the first few lines of this novel I fell in love with the imagery that Kim Edwards seems to create so effortlessly and crossed my fingers, hoping that she could maintain it throughout the book.  She does. The comet described in the opening chapter becomes a metaphor for the journey of discovery that follows.
The story of Lucy Jarrett, a young woman trying to get through a shaky period in her life begins during earthquakes in Japan. This seismic metaphor also continues as Lucy`s life is shaken by her discoveries. Lucy tries to return to the stable comforts of home only to find unexpected trembling`s there as well.
She stumbles on some old papers and handwritten letters thus unwittingly embarking on a journey into her own and her family`s past. The threads of Lucy`s story weave together around the story of a delicately woven piece of fabric, an old love, rediscovered stained glass windows and untold family secrets.
Edwards characters are carefully wrought, vulnerably human and believable, from the tragic fragile but romantic Iris to the deeply flawed uncle. Lucy herself at times comes close to being self-indulgent as she tries to resolve all the complex and bewildering issues she must unravel but I could forgive this as the story swept me along to a satisfying conclusion.

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