Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pregnancy Shock Candy Floss...

Benicio de Torro got Kimberley Stewart pregnant!!! That came out of the left field to say the least.....what next!
Catherine Zeta-Jones needs help!
George and Elizabetta are on the rocks...surprise, surprise.
Will Scarlett have Sean`s baby? Anything is possible with these two.
Liz and Shane are heating up in India....
Jesse James has written a tell-all book, well the ghost writer probably has!
The Osbourne's have money woes!
Bradley Coopers hooked up with Jennifer Aniston...after giving Renee the old heave ho!
Lindsay Lohan 24 and looking 40!
Danni Minogue tells us why she loves being a Mum!
The Real Princess Bride is excited and so she should be...lots of Royal stuff in this weeks mags, some of it rather good actually.
Mariah Carey shows us her pregnant tum...dear lord what happened to class and dignity!
The Danish Royal twins are...Vincent and Josephine.
Meet the Christchurch Quakes youngest survivor.
Wendyl has a new Healthy Food column.
Sarah Kate Lynch has a great Book Club thing going on in Next magazine,
Robyn Malcolm is 46 and starting over again after a tough year!
New Idea is now looking rather like the poor sister with all the glam and glitter and changes at The Women`s Weekly and The Woman`s Day both of which are punching with all cylinders loaded and doing a good job of it, neither seems to have suffered through the Editorial Upheaval and with the big Wedding getting closer I think we are in for a treat...time for New Idea to revamp or get left behind!

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