Sunday, May 15, 2011

Before The Storm by Diane Chamberlain

A book that puts a whole new spin on the meaning of lies, secrets and family dynamics, this is the first of Chamberlains books I have read and it won`t be the last.
The characters of Lorel Lockwood and her son Andy who has FASD give this book its central focus and from there it spins of down many divergent paths, it twists, it turns, it snakes along and just when you think you`ve got it sussed...up pops another surprise, another unexpected twist. The characters are beautifully drawn and very real, nothing fake or artificial, they speak in a voice that is believable and realistic, experiences are used in this book to grow wisdom in the characters, be they young or older.
However not everything is sweetness and light, there is a grittiness that helps to drive this book, that propels the plot forward in a manner that makes you want to keep reading, reality can be a bummer, especially when secrets underpin your life and trying to make sense of that life has added complications..alcohol, jealousy, adultery, FASD, a extremely good read, a book that never lets life's myriad of complications defeat its characters basic dignity and ability to seek and find love. I look forward to reading its sequel and following the characters journey. I have also ordered Chamberlains newest from the States and expect it tomorrow!

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