Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vanity Fair Magazine June 2011

Katy Perry graces the cover and looks very glamorous.
There has been phone hacking and its celebrities who are the victims!
Inside Charlie Sheen's Meltdown...once multi-talented, gifted, good looking and super rich...things are grim and Ashton Kutcher has taken his job! A goddess has gone and so it goes......
A look inside Blenheim Palace..home of the Duke Of Marlborough and what a glorious sight it is!
Hillary Clintons ninth year as Americas Most Admired Woman does not go unnoticed (Age serves this lady very well indeed).
Elizabeth Taylors final years, months and days were a mass of adventures, friends, family, jewels and love and one of the best road trips of all time...Liz, Michael and Marlon Brando!
Farmville has a Billionaire! Looking young and happy....
A preview of Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertellis Fantastic Art Collection which is about to go on show in an 18th Century palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice,talk about magnificent!
Tabitha Simmons shares Her Stuff!
Hot Type!!
Equally hot is the back page picture of Matthew Mc Conaughey for Dolce and Gabbanas fragrance for men..the one.

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