Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lock Down Candy Floss...

Yes indeed in a lock down situation is how I spent last Friday afternoon with 600+ children,fellow staff and a group of parents and not a magazine insight! All was well and in the end we made it safely home and were the lead item on One Network News,times like this you realise what a good job the Men in Blue do!!
This months Australian Women`s Weekly is a Collectors issue and has the most beautiful cover I`ve seen so far related to the Wedding.
Anika Moa and her partner are having twins!
Renee Wright is expecting a bundle of joy!
Mike King and Brendhan Lovegrove gave up drugs for their kids!
The Facebook Stalker is so ashamed......
Kim and Kourtney are giving away a bikini!!
Mariah`s twins are here...Moroccan and Monroe are their names......
Leeza Gibbons marries for the 4th time!
Marie Osmond remarries her 1st husband!
Larry Fortensky tells us about his love for Liz Taylor(rather sweet)
April Ieremia tells us how she beat the bulge....
Gwyneth is having a mid life crisis,where will this lead....
J Williams(whoever he is)has been abusive towards a woman and the story is all over the media.
The truth about Pippa and Harry..wouldn`t those two make an interesting combo!
Is Carla Bruni expecting...has the little general hit a home run!
Danni Minogue loses her appendix!
Jesse James shares that he cheated on Sandra so he could retain some control over his life..she was far too nice for him.
Australia`s biggest loser,half sized now!
Jen has a secret lover???
59 hot footwear pics for Winter(if it actually arrives).
Win a dinner cooked by NZ MasterChef Brett McGregor...
Little Benjamin Travolta is out to dinner,rather cute.
Posh is nesting!
Who is the father of January Jones baby???
Happy Mothers Day to all!!

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