Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Most Beautiful Wedding Candy Floss...

The Bride looked beyond divine in her Sarah Burton dress, the Groom looked like a real prince, Pippa was an amazing Maid of Honour and her dress was simply superb, the dashing Harry was his rascally self, the pageboys were gorgeous, little Louise and Margarita were having the time of their lives while Grace and Eliza were just being 3 year olds!
Both the Woman's Weekly and the Woman's Day have gone all out and done a marvellous job, both magazines are a cornucopia of all things Wedding and fairly bursting at the seems with gorgeous pictures while I could find no sign of the New Idea who may have decided to wait for the Official Photographs!  Never mind the NI would have to be pretty special to beat these two and still to come will be next weeks Who Weekly and the Australian Womens Weekly.  One thing I didn't notice until I saw the Woman's Day was the fact that the flower girls had little capes that matched their dresses for the carriage ride back to Buckingham Palace, talk about perfect!
J.lo's diet dilemma...
Khloe Kardashian melts down..,
Liz and Shane.....its game on!
Kate Hudson is engaged.
It costs Brangalina $12 million a year to keep the kids!
Kirstie Alley is down to a size 12!!
Hugh Hefner drives a mobility scooter! way to go...
Selma Hayek and her family have an Easter Egg Hunt.
Barbra Streisand shows us her little palace...
Elton Johns sons breast milk is Fed Exed to them!!  Beyond belief but there you have it.
LeAnn Rimes gets married!
Kelly Osbourne tells us of her fight to stay thin...
Has Sophie Monk lost the plot?
George Clooney turns 50!
Catherine Zeta-Jones if feeling better but hubby looked dreadful on Oprah.
And in one of the nicest wedding stories Kate`s dad Michael's 86 year old Godmother who lives on the Kapiti Coast received an invite to the Wedding and although she was too unwell to travel, she has wonderful memories of a family who still keep in touch and a wonderful souvenir in her Official Invitation, well done Middletons.

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