Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Singular Woman by Janny Scott

The story of Barack Obamas Mother was a very good read indeed although it did take a while for me to get into the book.
With help from both Stanley Anns (known as Ann) children Barack and Maya as well as numerous family members and friends plus professional associates this book is very well researched and very well written.  Ann Dunham followed her own path, was often unconventional and unique and didn't give much toss for society's rules, her choices were brave annd daring for the time and yet while often living on the edge and relying on considerable help from her own formidable parents, she foraged a live well worth living and raised two well rounded, talented children, one whom became the first African American President of the United States.  Never judgemental yet with a balance and a fairness to all Scott manages to bring this often overlooked parent into a limelight that she deserves.  In my opinion she certainly contributed more to Barack Obamas eventual destiny than did his often more publicized and rather disengaged and disconnected father, who appears to have been elevated to a rather unworthy pedestal.
Sadly neither Ann nor her parents lived to see the fruition of their efforts but in this empathetic book, balance is redressed and we get to have a much better understanding of what made Barack Obama into the man he became and the pivotal role that women played in shaping his destiny and that of his sister Maya. Rather fascinatining reading and probably as close as we will come to knowing this rather amazing woman who did her own thing, her own way and took no prisoners in doing so.

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