Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arnie did what?? Candy Floss

And kept it secret for 10 years and the skanky maid continued to work for them...this must be one of the yuckiest stories in god knows how long...we may have long suspected that The Terminator turned Governator was in fact the Sperminator but keeping it in house has a whole new meaning, anyways the story is everywhere, Who Weekly probably has the best coverage, followed by Woman's Day, which has seen a rise in circulation since Sido took over, their coverage of the Royal Wedding was second only to that of Hello magazine which has to be seen to be believed!
Deltas teen lover!
Britney tells us how she got in shape....but sadly no one cares!
Oprah farewells her show with a bevy of famous names visiting including a very glamorous Maria Shriver.
Keith and Nicole look plastic together!
Rachel Hunter reinvents herself...
Pippa grabs herself a Duke!
Nadia shares her Fast Food secrets!
Ashton and Demi share their love pact....
Brad and Anges bedroom secrets...sizzle sizzle!
Auckland Boy knows that his Dad is a Killer (Sad indeed)
I gave birth to my cousin! Wackier by the Week!
Leo has a canoodling time in Cannes!
Kate Hudson is fairly bursting (not long too go)
P Diddys twins are a handful...
This Weeks loveliest story, the Women's Weeklys Lucia Tigri and Trainer Gaz Brown who survived a horrendous car crash, finally tied the knot, all love and best wishes to them!

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