Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe

A Hollywood and before memoir that is an easy read, very well written, fair, balanced and even handed, this is a guy with a story to tell and tell it he does.  It is not however accompanied by the usual poor me, oh how unfair it all is that often rides along with memoirs where there have been ups and downs in the Actor/Celebrity/Superstar etc life.  Instead while telling his tales less than great moments Lowe chooses to find the positive and takes a lesson from the situation and applies it as and where he needs it,equally the book is not treacly sweet or cloying.  Lowe has been in Showbiz since he was a child and is an all round talented guy best known for St Elmo`s Fire and The West Wing, he has been a teen idol but has not allowed that to bog his career down or become one dimensional, he has a huge body of work, is very involved (hands on) with political, environmental and life style/choice issues, from background research on the guy, it is obvious that he has put an awful lot back into the community that has given him so much.
This is a book with moderated gossip, it is never gratuitous (no Hillary Swank stories) but it is packed to the gills with those stories that actually you did always wish to hear, friends and foes alike, it is honest and generous and as a testimony to being able to come through the Hollywood mill half way normal, this is as good as it gets!
Loved his description of Prince Rainier of Monaco...what a tosser.

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