Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Help me review!

As an avid reader and new blogger/housewife I am open to being sent books by authors/publishers for review. I do not read Vampire books or treacly romances,I am game for almost everything else.
In reviewing books on my blog my intention is to encourage people to pick up books and read,and hopefully they might buy a copy. I am a big supporter of Indie Shops and of Dymocks.
This blog is not my full time occupation. In my job I do a lot of reading especially to 7-10 year olds, whom I hope will grow up to be adult readers with a love of the written word.
In reviewing books I try to be fair and even handed, dissing books unless they are shameful is not really my idea of a good time, as you can see I get through alot of books often 2-3 in a week, more in the weekends.
If you would like me to read your book(s) you can contact me by email.... Cover_me@live.com


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