Saturday, June 11, 2011

Does the Noise in my Head bother You? by Steven Tyler

A survivor of an enormous quantity of drugs,one could hardly expect normalcy from the writings of Tyler and normal isn't what you get. A rock n roll journey that has seen him go from a to z and back more than once and so far live to see his children grow up and reinvent himself as a Judge on American Idol without a fatal outcome.
Co-written with David Dalton,this book swung and swerved,and zipped and zagged all over the place and with some bon mots that made not one iota of sense either as reality or fantasy, it was an engrossing and page turning read. You don't have to like Tyler or much of his behaviour to enjoy the book,his story is both searing and entertaining,exactly whose version of certain events you would believe is up to you,basically he mans up and doesn't devolve all his issues on everyone else with the exception of a certain person or two, his prodigious drug taking and repeat rehabs are mind blowing and like Ozzy and Keith you are left wondering..How did he survive? There is a lot of humour and he pokes it as much at himself as anyone else, there was a little to much swearing for my liking but that's my problem, a picture or two could have been left out. He is a talented man from a talented family who probably didn't have enough consequences as a child and got a little too caught up in the rock`n`roll dream for his own and his wives and children's good.
For all the bad there is a lot of good and the rock world would have been the poorer if there had been no Aerosmith. Well worth a read and far better than some of the blanditties that crowd the shelves.

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