Saturday, June 11, 2011

What was I Thinking...a memoir by Paul Henry

I have to confess that I am an enormous fan of Paul Henry and I haven't watched Breakfast since they day his toosh got kicked of it.
His book written with Paul Little is a very readable and honest look into this controversial gentleman's life. Nothing came easily to Paul, it was a very hardscrabble beginning, but he was lucky to be moored in life to a remarkable Mother who loved fiercely and encouraged without cessation, his Father who was a bit iffy about Parenting and absented himself from his sons life dealt with him a bit like a irritating mossie, a swat or two, some advice and input here and there but nothing that could be considered a commitment.
Paul was blessed with intelligence and the ability to work hard and boy has he had a career or two...he calls it as he sees it,refuses to be PC and simply won't sell out for an extra dollar. There are very few parts of this earth he hasn't visited and any number he was lucky to survive, he did and the tales he tells give you an insight into people, places and times that we are unlikely to visit or to see again.
Not a shred of bitterness but a touch of anger in parts, he doesn't throw garbage where he could, he is obviously a loyal and steadfast friend, he does not talk of things Romantic, couldn't careless about Celebritism, doesn't set out to hurt people, loves his family, has an enormous sense of humour which he pokes at himself with aplomb, it will be a fine day in TV land when we can watch him again.
A great book, pick it up and enjoy!

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