Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gosh its warm candy floss....

North and South which is probably New Zealands best produced magazine is out and John Key is the Cover Boy...the question is Saviour or Spinner?
NCEA scandal...
Gary Lawson, bowler extraordinaire tells us is side of a tricky story...
Bizarre going ons in the equestrian world...
A fathers tribute to his son who died in the Christchurch Earthquake in February, wonderful columns, editorial and bits and pieces that make this terrific reading.
Next magazine has Cate Blanchett on the cover.
New Zealand Women creating magic.
50 Best Beauty Buys Ever!
How to make life easier...
Sarah-Kate Lynchs book club, great movie reviews, and a fabulous article in which different people share their tips for saving in these economically challenged time, there are lots of these around but this is a stand out!
The day Arnies son found out who is dad was...
Is Jen a Home Wrecker????
Lily Cole's Wedding Album.
Home and Away stars film in Hawaii.
Pippa's single....
The Queens Private album.
Rachel Hunter says..They sent the wrong girl home!
Wayne Smith tells us why his son is his hero..very loving and touching.
Inside the real Downton Abbey...rather nice.
Tori Spelling's daughters Hello Kitty birthday party..reality would be a fine thing!
Hollywood tots at play...rather cute especially Harlow on the slide!
Going troppo with the Kardashians....and Kims fiancees family reckon she is too high maintenance for him, makes one wonder if we will see a wedding or not????
Allegra Versace blames her family for her anorexia...makes sense!
Zara Phillips fiancee Mike Tindall has the stag party to end stag parties in Florida!
Kate Moss had a hens night...
Hugh Hefner get dumped at the altar and Britney plans to do it one more time!!
Clarence Clemons the Saxophonist of the E Street Band suffered a severe stroke last Sunday at home in Florida, he has had two major brain surgeries and is responsive but faces at 69 a long battle to regain his health, please keep him in your thoughts.

***updated- Have just heard that Clarence has passed away.

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