Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Best of Friends by Mariana Pasternak

From her first meeting with Martha Stewart, Mariana Pasternak was enthralled with Martha, this was Martha before she hit the big time,when she was well known locally and married to her then husband Andy. What starts out as a simple tale of a rather upscale girlie friendship transposes over time into a relationship riven by the dominating, controlling, self-righteous and sactimomious Martha who according to this book puts a whole new spin on manipulating others for your own emotional gratification, however it was no doubt a two way street.
As Martha soared as America`s Domestic Goddess her husband went,the hunt for a rich rich rich man commenced. The houses and properties grew on an unimaginable scale as did the trips, the holidays, the shopping expeditions,bthe restaurants, the clothes, the bags, the jewels, the art, the parties, the private jets and their owners participation in Mathas life and therefore Marianas.
Mariana and her two daughters certainly benefited in away we could only dream of but slowly she felt amongst this opulence that her soul had started to be sucked out and the emotional reality of Martha started to be evidenced more and more clearly and as Marthas troubles mounted, the friendship dissipated and Mariana ended up testifying against Martha in Court, needless to say this did not make Mariana popular with any associates and friends Martha still had.
A well written tale, it is easy to read, you find yourself quite overwhelmed in parts with the magnificence but shallowness of the lives of the famous who pepper this book, equally you can laugh and snigger at their empty, vacuous lives. Both Martha and Mariana were hard working in their fields but it is not easy to like either of them, it is very easy to find immense compassion for those unfortunate enough to find themselves entangled with a Domestic Diva in full flight!

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