Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Magazine Overhall Candy Floss...

And that's whats happening...The big news is Hayley McLarin is leaving New Idea and the Woman`s Weekly has a new look which is rather swish and rather appealing. Sally Ridge and her crafts appear to have left WW and that is not a bad thing,she is however on the cover of the opposition with her supposed new man!
Bronagh Key tells us about Fame, Money and raising Teens, she looks lovely to boot!
Hot Harrys playboy dates...
What would Diana have been like at 50?
George Clooney and Elizabetta go real surprise.
Carly Flynn puts her daughter first and career second.
Katie rebels??
Zara Phillips has a memorable Hens Night!
Ashlee Simpson has a new man and Paris Hilton dumps Cy....
Chris and Mel Cairns introduce their daughter Isabel and talk about their hopes for curing her deafness.
Christina Aguilera talks about getting her life back on track...
Kiwi Stars talk about parenting....
Pink introduces us to Willow Sage Hart (beautiful)
Kim`s a Bridezilla!!
Mel Gibson has a new lady...
Sarah Ferguson tells us how she lives each day with regret...well hello, choice is a fine thing Sarah!
Charles Spencer marries for the 3rd time, neither of his Royal Nephews attended (no wonder)
Metros Best Schools Issue is out...
Saving Selwyn College (well done)
Divorce with Deborah Hill Cone!
Patrick Reynolds asks "Why are there cars in Queen Street"?
Great columns, dinner with A.A.Gill and a lovely article on the Look Good Feel Better Workshops, bravo to all who are involved!

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