Thursday, June 23, 2011

Transition by Chaz Bono

I have never had a problem with people being gay, its their right and their choice but I have never been able to understand that a Woman would actually wish to become a Man. For me it was a no go area and I certainly did not intend to read this book although I had certainly read all the gossip.
One afternoon I watched the Joy Behar Show on my computer and her guest was Chaz Bono who had made the transition after years of misery and unhappiness, originally having come out as a Lesbian.
I could not get over what a nice guy he was, frank, open and very funny even though the journey had not been easy and had been complicated with Alcohol and Drug Addictions plus family and public expectations of what the little blonde girl we so loved on The Sonny and Cher show would grow up to be especially when they differed so wildly with what that little girl had actually found to be her true self. A He not a Her.
This book was easy to read and yet the content at times was heart wrenching, but for me it opened up a whole new world of understanding and I hope compassion. It is lovely to see someone who spent so many years in a blindfold of desperation find fulfilment supported by his Family and Friends, well worth reading.

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