Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not Dead and Not For Sale by Scott Weiland and David Ritz..A memoir...

I read this in a day and that speaks to the books ability to captivate and hold you which it does. With well chosen words and well healed phrases Weiland and his co-author David Ritz take you on a heroin and booze plagued journey that leaves you gasping and wondering How the Hell is He still Standing let alone writing, recording and performing.
The lead singer of The Stone Temple Pilots (never heard them in my life) is a very talented man word wise and his book is dotted throughout with snippets, snatches, drawings and poetry that would make you cry (and I hate poetry!) great photos,wonderful drawings, heartfelt, honest, lyrical, magical in places and yet the double side of his reality is so very clearly shown, gritty, stark, hopeless, wasted, in and out of rehab like a yoyo,relationships that simply can't work, love that is defeated at every turn, a dead brother, dysfunctional relationships with his family, situations that simply can`t be mended and Bands that find functioning other than for the dollar very hard work indeed.
Weiland is a very creative man and as long as he continues to fight his demons and win,his creativity will enhance the lives of those who come in contact with it.
I had already read Mary Forsberg Weiland's book but I've done a little dipping to try and get a complete picture of a situation that I`ve read from both points and I`ve come to realise that both are writing their truth, we may not agree with it but it belongs to them and how they choose to interpret and tell it is their business, every reader would take away different things from their narratives, so really why shouldn't the authors.
A big thank you to Claire Hammon for lending me this book.

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