Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sad Candy Floss....

Very sad to hear of the death of the very young and very, very talented Amy Winehouse, so much talent and potential gone to waste.
A Kiwi has stolen Lindsay Lohan`s heart...
Will and Kate move into their new London home.
Zara and Mike prepare for their Royal Wedding.
J.Lo and Marc are a bit cranky with each other and Demi and Ashton look less than enthralled, his new show may be a treat to their happiness...ring Alby Grimaldi for help!
Sally Ridge and Nicky Watson are Bikini Girls on the cover of this weeks Woman`s friends forever!
Tyne tells all!!
All Black legend Jeff Wilson and his wife Adine Harper share their RWC joy, they have tickets to the games...
Jen and whats his name are house hunting...
Ange, Shiloh and Zahara have a cool day out!
Ivanka Trumps little Arabella Rose has arrived.
Charlie Sheen`s ex heads back to rehab...after 3 weeks at home!
Kris Jenner has a face lift...when is enough, enough!
Lara Bingle is in love!
Casey Anthony lives life on the O.J.Simpson she will find freedom a double edged sword.
Ali and Casey prepare for their wedding and share their joy....
Liz Hurley and Plastic Warne insist he is as natural as they day he was born, sure looks it!
Jude Dobson has a new show Raising Children, she does this well, so if you have them its worth a look..Wednesdays TVNZ7 at 7.05, repeated 4.05pm Thursday.
Sarah Bradley`s stylist tells us life is too short to wash windows..way too go!
Paris Hilton walks of set when it is suggested that her time has passed....
David Beckhams soccer books have printed on the side..Brooklyn,Romeo,Cruz and Harper. So cute.....And great to see Harper Lee`s book flying of the shelves in the wake of baby Harper`s naming!!
Good Reading Magazine(yes a magazine about reading books!)celebrates its 100th issue..a super magazine indeed!
Alby Grimaldi calls in the press and berates them in French for suggesting that he and his wife are anything but as happy as...someone in Monaco wants to destroy their marital happiness..don`t think you need help to do that Alby!

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