Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thunderous Candy Floss...

Is Her Serene Highness, The Princess of Monaco the saddest bride ever??
Ali Williams counts down to his big day.
Kate Moss and the Honeymoon baby??
Meet Alicia Silverstones little boy...goes by the name of Bear Blu!!
Tom Cruise has a pool party for his 49th! and the stars come out to celebrate July 4th,kids,flags and all!!
Martin Crowe`s midlife challenge.
Pamela Stephenson shares her sex tips!!
Kate and Wills wow Canada...big time!
The Kardashians exposed...what you didn`t know!
Linda Evangalista and Selma Hayeks children are half brother and sister!
Posh talks about her baby bliss and how happy family life makes her.
Jason Reeves had a heart attack at 35!
The last Harry Potter Movie premieres....where has the time gone?
Kirstie Alley sheds 41kg,
11 year old wows Americas Got Talent, messy divorces,
Sinead O`Connor has changed a wee bit,
Casey Anthony walks free and Denise Richards is overjoyed at her new addition to the family while Jaycee Dugard tells of her 18 years of captivity.
Next has Amanda Billing on the cover and a free winter cookbook, a celebration of Sisters and the diversity of intercultural marriages, gorgeous and glossy as always!
The Hello Magazine this week is the Royal Wedding Issue, huge, chocked full of the wedding and other events surrounding it that no on else has had pictures of, christenings, parties, outings....the lot ,well worth getting a copy and keeping it! Thank you Wendy for my copy.
In closing Candy Floss pays tribute to former American First Lady Betty Ford who did so much to change the lives of those who were afflicted with drink and drug addictions, her work crossed oceans, her bravery and courage were to be admired.
And lastly Candy Floss asks....How can anyone imagine that Richie McCaw can lead the All Blacks to World Cup glory when he can`t even lead the Crusaders to victory over the Reds? Watch out for Robbie Deans is all I can say, I've a feeling he will have more new ideas than Graham Henry and won't unleash them until he has too!
And double lastly does anyone think that Princess Charlene of Monaco looks a wee bit unhappy??

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