Sunday, July 3, 2011

Windy Candy Floss...

Prince Albert got married at weeks end but did Charlene attempt do do a runner?
Meet Harrys gorgeous new girl and Nicole Kidmans darling daughters.
A Kiwi caught up in a Dubai love triangle...
Simon Gault cooks scones...bless.
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz tied the knot!
Poor Tem Morrison Hollywood has not proved to be all it was cracked up to be...mowing lawns is cool!
Shane Warne denies it but Hello...the face lift and botox fairies have been to visit!
Kate Moss finally married Jamie Hince!
J.Lo takes the twins to Disneyland and Marcia Cross takes her girls to the Santa Monica Pier!
Khloe shapes up and Kim continues to be a bridezilla...
Posh's daughter should be here any day now!
Wills and Kate hit Canada and don't they just love them!!
The Travoltas worry that Ben may be Autistic (his late brother was and at least one nephew is)
Denise L`Estrange-Corbet is New Ideas latest columnist...good value, she's a hoot!
Denise Richards adopts a baby girl and Charlie Sheen looses his last goddess!
The Australian Womens Weekly has Jo and Ross Seagar on the cover, this is the issue for the Domestic Goddesses amongst us!
The Sex Therapist who dates online...
Is the size of your plate making you fat?
Danni Minogue talks love?
Angelinas crusade for Cambodia, she puts herself out their and does it really matter that she has a Louis Vitton bag in the photo for the campaign?
Irene Van Dyke and Temepara George make pretty on the Womans Weekly to Singapore for the World Netball Champs...go girls!!

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