Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marshmallow Candy Floss...

Posh and Becks introduce Harper.
Miranda Kerr talks about her new curves.
Jen and Justin are ready for a baby...yikes!
Pippa`s back on T.V...
Misery in Monaco...the marriage maybe a sham!!
Martin Devlin and Andrew Saville share their Broadcast Bromance...lets hope tempers don`t become frayed.
Michael Jackson`s children donate his art work to charity.
Kris and Bruce Jenner renew their vows, no quite little chapel for them!
Warnie looks waxier by the day!
Courtney Cox is filing for divorce,
Mr Bean wrote of his $1.2. million car, he didn`t see the tree!
Lady Gaga`s double life...
Marc Antony is calling Eva Longoria, he`d like to hook up!
Desperate Housewives gets the axe.
The truth about Brad and Jen`s last...maybe!
Netball's Casey Williams introduces us to her new love.
Gwyneth Paltrow share with us that her marriage is not rosy..oh dear, what a revelation!
Next magazine is out with Tandi Wright on the cover looking very summery(a bit chilly still) lots of gorgeous articles, how to spring clean your wardrobe and career, Did you marry your father? Women tacking the Rugby World Cup...lets hope that they know when to comment and when not to and don`t have an attack of McCaw WAGitis.....
North and South asks...Do we have to tighten up boating laws? Phil Goff is a bit lonely, how is the West Coast fearing in the wake of Pike River, how will Ballantynes and the centre of Christchurch bounce back, they have plans. Lots of great letters, reviews, and as always columns.

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