Sunday, October 23, 2011

The End of The Road Candy Floss....

Well it will be at about 10.15pm tonight.
Maggie Barry is this weeks Woman`s Weekly cover girl, standing for Parliament and like so many before her wont make a blind bit of difference.
Mike and Zara make she nuts!
Harry has a great time in the U.S.A...
Charlene and Albert are having a great time in New Zealand unfortunately Judith Tabron didn`t have a table for them last night!
Grant Fox remembers his 1987 RW Cup win with fondness.
Faye Smythe`s battle with Bulimia.
Is it all over between Kim and Kris?...the changes of clothes alone would send you potty without the family dynamics.
Adam Parore tells how facing death made him a better father...
The hot rumour in Hollywood is that Ashton Kutcher maybe January Jones baby daddy, then again he may not be!
Pippa parties a wee bit too much for the Queen...
Paula Abdul is shrinking... too much stress or what?
Kendra Wilkinson visits Australia.
Aaron Cruden`s perfect match, the All Blacks relax, Colin Slade gets a hair cut for the big day...for gods sake don`t let him on the field even if we are down to 5 men but as it panned out the much maligned Stephen Donald considered 5th rate at best won it for us, he gets the last laugh!! We get the cup!!
Shannen Dohertys rather gorgeous wedding.
Liz Hurley confesses that she just adores Shanes children...sweet.
J.Lo and Bradley heat up..
Julia Roberts in Snow White and no she isn't playing the goodie..
David Arquette never wants to drink again.
Shia LeBeoufs swollen head gets him in more trouble....grow up sonny!!
Roc and Roe, Mariahs twins make their debut...cute as.
Demi wife of the previously mentioned Ashton puts a whole new meaning on the word skinny...
Kristin Davis introduces Gemma Rose and tells why she became a single mom at 46.
Big hugs to Giuliana Rancic who revealed that she has Breast Cancer, may you recover and may your baby dreams come true!

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