Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Fatal Gift of Beauty, The Trials of Amanda Knox by Nina Burleigh

Many people won`t have heard of Amanda Knox until this week when she and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were freed from the Italian jail in which they had been incarcerated since 2007 for the murder of fellow student, Meredith Kercher. They and a person named Rudy Guede had been tried and convicted in 2009 of the brutal murder and sexual assault of Kercher in what the Italians dubbed a sex game gone wrong, despite all the DNA evidence pointing to Guede and Guede alone.
Staying in the town of Perugia, a magnet for overseas students wanting to spend time in Italy, Knox and Kercher shared an apartment with two other girls and nothing out of the ordinary for young people away from home, experiencing freedom with all its ups and downs happened until November 1st 2007, when Kercher was found dead in horrible circumstances in the apartment and Knox and Sollecito`s journey through hell began. The Italian Judicial system finding itself with a simple who done it on their hands turned it into a jigsaw puzzle without the interlocking pieces, and all sense of real justice was shoved to one side while  the many members of the Police and their subsidiary branches beavered away to put whom ever may have been there in jail and for a very long time. Not taking advice to the contrary both Knox and Sollecito co-operated with a guileness that could only be real, no lawyering up for them, finding themselves in a vortex of emotions, with a surreal and unknowable pressure on them, both said things that would harm them and give the Prosecutors gist for their machinations and Guede, well he with a history of burglary and petty crime, a horrendous childhood and DNA all over the scene, took of and had to be brought back to Italy from Germany.
A spellbinding tale in the hands of a very good writer, this book shows quite clearly how in Foreign Lands, with few resources and a simplistic attitude you can very easily find yourself railroaded into a jail cell and in Amanda and Raffaele`s case without tremendous family support you are very likely to stay there, it is a cautionary tale, drink and drugs can certaintly distort the mind, especially when you are in foreign lands.To say that Amanda Knox`s family fought the good fight is putting it very simply, it has cost them everything. Amanda Knox may very well make good money from selling her story, she is entitled to it and so is Raffaele.
The Kercher family also deserve to know exactly how and why their daughter died, it is more than probable that only one person can give them the answers and they will never have peace until that person speaks up. Amanda Knox herself may very well write her own book, it will have to be very good indeed to better Burleigh`s effort.

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