Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welsh Candy Floss...

The Welsh were amazing, played like the devil!!
Next Magazine is out and has Bic Runga on the cover, the Pike River Widows, Life with a Politician (Imagine being married to one) 30 Steps to a Healthy You, Get ready for Summer, and Next Magazines Woman of the Year, the remarkable Lesley Elliott, well done indeed.
Kate`s 8 Royal Rules...
Mike McRoberts "Why I wanted to Quit...ties in with his book release.
The blonde who sent Demi`s marriage to the pile...well it was apparently 3 blondes in a tub with Ashton.
Madonna plastic panic! Too late now girlfriend, you look as puffy as a Chipmunk!
Prince Phillip is photographed with Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz..probably had no idea!
Princess Charlene tells the media "I`ll do it my way" and turns up at
 Paris Fashion Week without her Prince!
Jay-Jay Feeney tells us that Therapy was too Crazy!
Is the latest Kardashian marriage over already? Is Kris sick of the circus?
Suri is set to head of to Boarding School!
Mel Brown takes the family to the beach and Denise Richards takes hers to soccer.
Jen`s tearful breakdown...
Pippa gets tipsy?
Skin and Bones...slimming gone to far.
Amanda Knox`s prison ordeal.
Liz and Shane share their Wedding Plans, the ring is too die for!
"It was a mistake" says the young lady who was filmed with Zara Phillips new hubby, slight understatement to say the least! I`d like to know where Mike was last night, not on the field and not on the bench!
Kanye West launches himself as a designer...
The Private Faces of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, book and 8 Cd`s, couldn't do it, the voice would have done my head in!
Ben Affleck does Daddy Duty and it will soon be one more to hold.
The Duchess of Alba marries her Toy Boy and good luck to them.
The Hoff proposes...
Downton Abbey is on its way back and so are the Smurfs, who hit theatres this week!
A big shout out and hug to Hinewehi Mohi, the very talented and brave lady who gave us the gift of our National Anthem in Maori, who has used her daughters disability to teach others and set up a facility that provides for children, parents and teachers who are committed to the theory that music can make a difference. Hine is battling Breast Cancer and doing so with her usual aplomb, she is a National Treasure.


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