Monday, October 31, 2011

Maui Gas Pipe Line Candy Floss...

Believe it or not the arrival of this weeks glossies has been snookered by the pipe line breakdown! There isn`t quite as much but next week will be a biggie!!
The Australian Women`s Weekly is out and Susan Wood is the cover girl and looking amazing, rumour has it that her and a certain very rich bloke are a couple...
Get ready for Christmas...yes we are having one again this year!
Simple recipes from Jo Seagar`s new cookbook...will make a great Chrissy present.
Are your bedroom blues ruining your marriage?
Beauty on a budget...
Fabulous women over 50...
Sarah Jessica Parker shares on how we can have it all, well with a maid, a cook and a couple of nannies we`d all find it a cinch!
The Queens personal world...the Duke and all!
Metro is out and its cover story is Celebrities of Auckland written by Noelle McCarthy and featuring Paul Henry and Jamie Ridge on the Cover...unusual picture to say the least, she is a Debutante and he is a Dangerman.
Is Bic Runga a star reborn?
New rules for children living in splintered families, our 50 top Cafes. Books, Fashion, Christopher Hitchens still rolling with it and calling it as he sees it, despite his cancer battle and Surprise, Surprise... An Election Special!
Kim and Kris`s marriages is under fire?
Jessica Simpson`s Baby Joy!
Lindsay's in trouble again...
Ryan and Blake get friendly...
Shane, Elizabeth, Damian,Brooke, Jackson and Summer are all together again... Warne/Hurley's on mass
Mariah and Nick show us Roc and Roe..very cute.
Peaches Geldof appears to like 5 fingered discounts...apparently this time from Boots!!
Robin Williams has married wife No 3.
Mariska Hargitay adopts twins!!
New Zealand`s oldest Dad..he`s 78!
Pippa`s private album.
Demi forgives Ashton!!!!
Paul Henry is back on T.V.
Chaz Bono exits Dancing With the Stars...
Petra and Tamara Ecclestone are literally wallowing in Daddy`s money...great life if you have it!
Madonna`s brother is homeless and living under a bridge...sad as but imagine living with her
The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup so get ready for a slew of magazine stories about their wondrous and heroic abilities, amazing life styles and unbelievable Wags, will however miss Casey Green`s column, it was excellent, a fun read!

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