Monday, October 31, 2011

It's So Easy and Other Lies by Duff McKagan

There have been many books written about the rise and fall of the original Guns and Roses, some very good others less so. This book falls into the first category, written by a true insider it details the journey that McKagan took from an ordinary boyhood in a family riven with great values and work ethic and ended up a drug addled, alcoholic in the one of the greatest bands of our time, to say that death knocked on Duff's door is a major understatement.
A very honest book written by a man who for all the ups and downs his golden journey took, doesn't point fingers or play the blame game. He paints a picture that resonates with the power and warning of how little steps can lead to major downfall and how for all the values his loving and hardworking parents instilled in him, addiction and illness took the upper hand when given the lead. This book rolls along nicely, its narrative is simple and yet the complexities of a life surrounded with fame, money, alcohol, drugs, fighting, bickering, sex and music are all there as the course is chartered and the reality unfolds. A reality that cost a number of lives and has continuing consequences for the members of this band and many who were touched by their light, sobriety versus death is not an easy equation to balance.
Gritty and real yet honest and enlightening, this is a book that takes you deep into the workings of an industry that really tends to be all glitz and no heart.
McKagan takes you right into the heart of Guns and Roses, which while a many splendored and talented vessel, left a pile of carnage and a body of amazing music. McKagan himself, a happy family man these days strikes me as having a Big Heart indeed. Well worth reading.

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