Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This book is pure magic...its about magic but that wouldn`t necessarily make it magic. The writing is wonderful, the words paint such detailed descriptions of the time, events, people and places that populate this book that they fairly well dance across the page.
The most wonderful Circus that simply appears, no warning, no notices, no just simply appears and brings to those fortunate enough to attend, the most dazzling, awe inspiring circus experiences imaginable or unimaginable which unfold at Le Cirque Des Reves amongst its black and white striped tents.
The back story is beautifully told with a grittiness and realism that would simply have been apart of life in the time that this book is set in, the smells are pervasive, the coffee, the dust, the paint, you can hear the crunch of shoes on pavements, feel the tears, the frustration and the endless hours of  energy sapping practise as both Marco and Celia, our central characters perfect their gifts and what wondrous gifts they are. As Marco and Celia take on each other and fall in love, the hidden depths of motivation start to reveal themselves and the consequences of the challenge unknown to Celia and Marco draws closer and closer.
The characters are beautifully drawn and finely etched in all their glory, be it good, bad or indifferent. They speak in a voice that resonates and rings true, their motivations be they good or bad are totally understandable and realistic and it is to these characters and their gifts that the reader finds him or herself so drawn, their journey becomes yours, those characters that you may not wish to like will still rivet you to their machinations, you may wish to give them a kick but you can`t ignore them.It is spellbinding and it also has the unique power of shared experience while encouraging individual interpretation.
An absolutely First Class debut, this is a love story that all will enjoy.

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