Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let`s take the long way home by Gail Caldwell

Gail Caldwell's reminiscence of her friendship with the late Caroline Knapp is a warm, loving book which share with the reader what a Friendship can mean, where it can take you and why you would take the journey. Both Gail and Caroline had shared experiences when they met and although success had been theirs in the field of writing, the paths they had traversed were not easy and much pain had ensued until they had managed to beat their demons. Bonded by walking their much loved dogs, they fell into a deep friendship instantly, a friendship that lead to new interests(Caroline was a very good rower) and a sharing of all those big and little things that inform each and every day, there is a wonderful simplicity here, it isn`t all luxe and plane rides.
When illness strikes Caroline, she is circled by the most incredible people including Gail who care for every need, from the hands on to the routine and mundane.
This is a book that takes you along the path that leads to death and the life altering grief that is left for the loved ones to endure, it is not however a book that leaves you feeling depressed. It is uplifting and humour is never lost, we should all be so lucky to have a Caroline or Gail in our lives.

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