Sunday, October 16, 2011

Princess Charlene Candy Floss....

The gorgeous wee Princess of Monaco is in town, unfortunately she has brought Tubalot her Tin Pot Prince with her, never mind she`ll have a great time.
Jonah Lomu and his wife Nadene are the cover people on this weeks Womans Weekly, not looking good.
Demi's having cocktails for breakfast apparently, helps deal with Ashton. They went on a Kabbalah Camp and to say Ashton looked glum is an understatement!
Harry and Chelsey get together again.
Sandra Bullocks son fancies being a pirate, this child never has a smile on his face.
Paul McCartney marries and youngest daughter Beatrice is flower girl, bet Heather chocked on that especially as the wedding outfits were by Stella McCartney!
Christina Aguilera was looking decidedly dishevelled at a concert in Wales....
Phil and Mary Goff at home...
Caseys WAG column.
Simon Cowell is fussy...but not about whose cleavage he looks down as the pictures show!
The Kardashians are having baby battles...mind numbing!
Kristin Davis adopts a baby girl and names her Gemma Rose, rather sweet.
Cheating brought David Boreanaz and his wife closer...say what!?
Tom, Katie and Suri do the happy family snaps.
Glee's Jany Lynch is happy, happy, happy!
The Beckhams balance 3 boys and a girl...
Pippa Wetzell becomes an ambassador for Bellyful, a charity that delivers meals and support to new mums, a wonderful service to say the least.
Shane Warnes ex parades her new man...
Lady Gaga isn't feeling so good...
Dame Kiri is coming home for the game she loves...oh really, how kind of her!
Tori and Deans new daughter Hattie has arrived..
Anna Pacquin shares that she works hard to look good...keep at it then!
North and South is out with Jamie Ridge as its cover girl...
Why Catholic Schools are soooo hot.
Christchurchs courageous students.
Are Environmentalists getting up your goat?
The secret life of Billy T James...Neil Finns new group plus The Sami Sisters.
Al Brown does My Space, Consumer Connections features an Organic Diary Farmer, National Treasury details an Exhibition of School Journal (you all remember these) and Steve Braunias and Jane Ussher visit Twizel in The New Zealanders.
All the magazines pay tribute to the genius that was Steve Jobs.
And finally will it be Dingo Deans or Ted Henry who triumphs tonight, either way we love Piri!

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