Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vanity Fair Magazine November 2011

Johnny Depp is the cover boy and looking mighty good, the make up artiste Has rendered him looking very ala 23 Jump Street! He shares his demons with us...
The very funny Nora Ephron writes about Liz Smith, the original Gossip Girl.
Michael Lewis wants to know if California will sink the U.S...
Courtney Love continues to hunt for Kurt Cobains missing millions even though estrangement from her daughter has resulted, the photo shoot in England is gorgeous, the clothes are to die for but as usual Courts evidences a wee bit of disconnection from reality...
The fabulous Marie Brenner tells us about Kathleen Harrington who kept all of World War IIs biggest secrets...
Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher...yes indeed and the likeness is amazing. The ability of Meryl to transform into almost anyone is phenomenal!
In Hot Reels Michelle Williams takes a turn in Munroe Land, My Week with Marilyn is the movies name.
In Hot Tracks Lisa Robinson talks with Florence Welch.
In Private Lives George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis who head up Manolo Blahnik takes inside their other baby..Arethusa Farm, the most divine working farm your likely to see.
Hot Type is as always jam packed with good reads... a new John Grishman, a novel about Mrs Nixon, Jann Wenner rolls us through Hunter S Thompson`s life at Rolling Stone Magazine, Michael Gross tours the world of Unreal Estate.
George Wayne questions Make Up Supremo Bobbi Brown.
The now rather aging Desmond Tutu undertakes the Proust Questionnaire.
Vanity Fair host a gorgeous soiree to celebrate The Best Dressed List, its the 72nd and was founded by Eleanor Lambert.
Mario Batali shares his Kitchen and FanFair revisits Americas  Historic Grand Hotels.
All in all a really excellent issue of this fine magazine.

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