Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Tongan and Warrior Candy Floss...

Wow what an upset last night, the Tongan Rugby Team were darn well amazing! Go the Mighty Warriors in Sydney this afternoon!
Never in all my years of reading Candy Floss have I ever struck such a dreadful cover on a magazine as the one that greeted me when the Woman`s Weekly came out of the letter box this morning... a picture of Jonah Lomu in his Hospital bed, pillows puffed, sheets draped, medical apparatus in view with the bye line "It`s Not Over Yet"...a world exclusive. It is truly pathetic, and while everyone can sympathise with his medical plight, very few people would stoop to this level. In a situation like this, no pictures, minimal story would have been far more palatable.
Prince Albert has a date night but not with Princess is apparently the 3rd time this week that the Princess has not been beside her alleged beloved at public events! Way to go Charlene!!
Casey Green`s week with the WAGS, its a good little read too.
Kate goes on a chain store shopping spree...just like us!
Josh Kronfeld introduces his gorgeous wee son Cassius.
Demi and Aston hit the rocks...shock claims, betrayal, lies, sex. Never mind Demi...Justin Bieber may be available!
Jens surprise goes on and on and on!
J.Lo`s nanny is in hot show she may be feeling the strain and pinching a bit.
The Stefani/Pitt children have a play date...imagine the fun, imagine the chaos!
Jerome Kaino has a World Cup Baby.
Lance Hohaia is engaged.
Jessica Alba is having heaps of baby fun!
Inside Nicole Richie's 30th Birthday party...
Tori Spelling has a Baby Shower!
John and Bronagh Key grace the Australian Women`s Weekly cover with a wee pic of Phil and Mary Goff.
A sneak peek at Jamie Oliver`s new recipes..yippee!
Is Botox the new way to have a face lift.
How would you feel if your Dad was a Sperm Donor?
Underbelly Special...Grandma was a knitting!
Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?
Rachel Taylor talks about life after Abuse.
Carla Bruni Sarkozy is just about ready to deliver... she shares that she finds pregnancy banal, having to give up smoking and drinking is no fun and she was attracted to her husband because of his love of Gardening, she felt she had to marry him because not only was he the President but hell, he knew everything about flowers...wacky or not!!
And last but not least, Congratulations to Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne...well I think!

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