Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh God No...Winston`s Back Candy Floss.

This guy has more lives than Lazarus and we have paid for darn near everyone of them!
Pippa is a wee bit of a problem apparently... to much partying and too socially ambitious..
Kate goes grocery shopping..
Zinzan Brooke's life with 6 children resembles a reality show... he`s not joking and it could never be as boring as his This Is Your Life episode which set the benchmark for stupefying.
Rena Owen searches for love...
Demi plots revenge...
Jerome Kaino has a gorgeous tropical wedding...
The man who controls Lady Gaga... needs some advice I`d say!
J.Lo takes her Toyboy out for all to see...
Tori and Dean introduce baby Hattie.. cute as.
Harry has fun in Las Vegas...
Katy and Russell have a hard time just hooking up!
Marc Ellis tells us about his real life Piha Rescue.
The Beckhams prepare for a Parisian life...
Kim says that Kris was the hubby from hell!!!!
Gabrielle Gifford's amazing recovery.
Annabel Langbein is Next Magazine`s Cover Girl, recipes,beauty,xmas ideas, is 53 to old to have a baby? and assorted treats for readers especially their book pages!
Metro is out..
100 wines for summer,
2011 Dubious Achievement Awards, these are very funny!
Remmers people have eating disorders?
Wellington`s 2012 Arts Festival.
Kristine Crabb reveals her favourite things.
Do Jazz,drugs and Hare Krishna's go together... yes/no/maybe??
What really happened the night Natalie Wood died and will we ever know? Very dark and strange tale, this one.
3 more years with Winston Peters, desperate, powerless and grasping to be heard day in, day out, what were people thinking.

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