Monday, December 5, 2011

Does the rain ever stop in Auckland Candy Floss...

The Listener has its Best Books Issue out and this is always extremely good, well worth picking up. There is also an opportunity to win this years top 100 books.
Dan and Honor`s Love Match..
Baby Harper is wearing Chloe and very styly she looks!
Jim Hickey`s family totally support his flying and love sharing an air craft hangar... irritates the living bippy out of me does Jim but he is a very good person who does a lot of good in his community!
Kate's new best friend is Camilla, who has proved to be a rock solid support... Diana would not be pleased...
At home with Tamati... such a sweetheart!
A midwife ran of with her patients husband...apparently this does happen!!
Carries Fishers new book Shockaholic is out and  she is doing some publicity for it via the magazines and talk shows... she is a rather complex lady with a wealth of life experience but she is deadly funny, her last book Wishful Drinking was a roll around the floor type but full of all the real Hollywood stories!
Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant and the world rejoices... 9 weeks in and she sells the story!
Britney and Jason are getting engaged!
Kris Humphries has delivered the ultimate insult to Kimmy, he will sue for annulment on the basis that the marriage was a fraud...surprise anyone??
Lilly Allen has a daughter... after two heartbreaks this is lovely news!
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes hit Paris, holding hands and trawling through famous cemeteries!
Kirsten Dunst is back and packing a powerful punch movies wise.
Kate Hawkesby and daughter Marley grace the Woman`s Day cover, she sacrificed soooo much to be a stay at home Mum,like designer clothes and a plum job...wouldn`t stack up against some peoples sacrifices but there you have it...
Sonny Boy Williams is hot and single...thick as a plank as well but no mention of that!
Rhianna is showing signs of alcohol issues...
George Michael is slightly unwell....
Demi Moore`s friends stage an intervention....
Greer Robson-Kirk and her family are Santa obsessed...well children tend to like him and she has 3, not rocket science!
Mel B tells us how she`ll stay slim through many photo shoots, so much time on her hands! I can`t imagine she whipped up the on display feast but you never know....
Simon Dallow uses his own time to acknowledge the disabled in our community and the gifts and talents they have...way to go Simon!
Pippa Middleton has a very pricey contract to write a Party Planning book...$800,000...heaven knows what she`s going to tell us that we don`t already know but lets wait and anticipate!
The Australian Women`s Weekly is out with Jo Seagar on the cover and an amazing array of Xmas goodies and ideas, this is always one for Christmas Lovers and it certainly is a visual feast, beautifully put together and lots of non Xmas articles as well, this magazine is always good, month in, month out!
Sarah Henry has taken over as Editor at Next Magazine, so nice to see her back, she did a wonderful job with Woman`s Day and she will certainly take Next up to the next level.
Anna Hathaway gets engaged...rather sweet.
A young Kiwi woman manages to get her photo taken with all The All exciting...
Keisha Castle-Hughes goes from whales to dogs...
Carrie Fisher shares how she to could be thin like the rest of Hollywood if she starved herself and spent a tragically huge proportion of her day jogging... way to go Princess Leia!

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