Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ruby Red Candy Floss....

A wonderful cafe in Mangere Bridge and a gorgeous morning to be there.
Ashton and Demi are kaput! No surprises with this one.
Zara and Mike to split by Xmas??? Pippa cracking....
Rachel Hunter wants to come home...
Pax begs for his real Mum... a wee bit sad this one.
Cruise Crisis... Connor wants his own life, on his own terms!
Carlos Spencer reinvents himself as a boxer and manages to score a photo shoot or two....
Peggy Bourne remarries.
My Groom to be was a conman... you just never know!!
K-Fed is looking a little puffy...
Justin Timberlake is one Officers hot date at the Marine Ball, way to go Justin!
Twilight premieres...everyone looks hot!
Jesse James apparently cheated on Kat Von D with 19 different girls..what a toss pot this guy is!
Kelly Pick tells what really happened with Zac Guilford in Rarotonga...
The Queens hidden cousins( yes she has some) are exposed!
Nigella Lawson slims down...Stars share how they get their bikini bods...don`t eat and exercise all day, nothing else to do!
Why I dumped Harry, Chelsy tells that she would not be able to deal with life as a member of the  Windsor Family...its a shame,she`s a sweetie and would make a cool princess.
Ellen at the Newsstand, Lindsay at Costco, Kirsten picking up her Dry cleaning, Heidi doing her own shopping..what has Celebrity Life come to??
Brett Seymour shares his alcohol demons... we would thank him not to drink drive in Onehunga or anywhere else for that matter, it is not cool, even less cool is to sell a story about the matter... goodbye Brett! And shame on The Woman`s Weekly for touching this story!
The lavish lives of Michael Jackson's kids...
Kris Humphries tells his side of the story while Kimmy goes out partying!
The Ever-Swindells Twins introduce their little darlings.
Pictures of a young Elizabeth Hurley show a Punk with attitude!
Chelsea Clinton becomes a special correspondent for NBC News, Miss Piggy co-hosts The Country Music Awards and New Zealand Celebs dress up for the Aftas... and People Magazine`s Sexiest Man Alive is Bradley Cooper... well done you!

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