Thursday, December 29, 2011

Imperfect Justice..Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton/Lisa Pulitzer

Most people will know a little about this terribly sad story that filled out its final act with the acquittal in July of Caylee Anthony`s mother Casey who was tried for her murder.
This book unlike much of this genre was well written and as fair and even handed as the Lead Prosecutor could be.
A more troubled, dysfunctional middle class family as the Anthony's would be very hard to come by. There is no identification of Caylee`s father just maybes, nobody bothers with the truth but everyone has their own version of it. You would be very hard pressed to find somebody who told more lies, made up more stories or failed to assist in the search for Caylee than her mother Casey who was aided and abetted the whole way by those who should have put Caylee first.
Caylee was nearly 3 when she simply vanished in June 2008 and her body was found in December of the same year not far from her Grandparents home, she was last seen supposedly with her mother by her grandfather but trying to put their stories together and coming up with a possible solution is not as easy as it appears.
From the time Caylee vanished until her parents retrieved Casey`s stench ridden car  and her Grandmother made a 911 call on July 15 2008, no one had reported her missing and everyone had believed Casey's continually changing stories as to Caylee`s whereabouts and Casey even when arrested and locked up refused more than a regurgitating of her previous stories with some serious allegations about others thrown in. Expect of course for the Police Department who felt they knew darn well what had happened to Caylee.The twists and turns and the pictures of Casey out partying while her daughter was unaccounted for are numbing, no one in this family wanted to stand up for Caylee, it was all about Casey and saving her bacon.
The bottom line is that when found Caylee had been prevented from breathing by the use of duct tape, she had been dumped and even if her death was the consequence of an accident someone needs to be held accountable, this however is highly unlikely to happen. Casey Anthony is reportedly shopping a book deal but where she lives no one seems to know. There is some satisfaction that to the American people Casey Anthony is Public Enemy No 1 and like O.J.Simpson will never be allowed to fade from memory.

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