Thursday, December 29, 2011

Much reduced Seasonal Candy Floss...

Very slim pickings this week as most mags have done a double issue and given their staff the time off...
Expect for the Woman`s Weekly and Woman`s Day which appear to be in deadly competition with each other and a very summery Metro magazine.
April Iremia is dazzling across the Woman`s Weekly cover in a white bikini having lost a load of lard with the help of a personal trainer and a ton of will power...
Shane and Liz`s children are bonding nicely... his youngest daughter is quite the little star!
Shorty Star meets his American Angel...
Kelly Osborne has a broken arm but all is cool, Mummy and Daddy to the rescue.
The Sheen's vacation en famille...that's Charlie, Denise, Sam, Lola and Eloise.. no sign of Brooke, the twins or any goddesses!
Ashton parties up...
Marc Anthony is not happy with J-Lo and her hi jinks!
The Pinkett-Smith family is under extreme stress due to the children's careers..hello they don`t need careers!
Prince Albert goes swimming in the Mediterranean, women flock but none of them are his wife!
Holly Branson weds...her cousin Ned is making nice with Kate Winslett.
The Beckhams hit London...looking happy as. Daddy carrying little Harper.
Jessica Alba takes Honor and Haven shopping.
Suri has a major melt down...
Renee Wright introduces Leo, very cute.
Ali and Casey splash in the!
Jen and Justin enter couples therapy...
The Brides of 2011 including the ghastly Kim Kardashian whose head wear alone should have had hubby running!
Britney has the sparkler, she probably sprung for it to but it is way nice!
Jennifer Hudson`s dress malfunctions..
Rachel Zoe goes out dressed as a maroon sparkler and induces nightmares in grown women!
David Shearer takes over Leadership of the Labour Party but sadly his best efforts will not reduce Key`s popularity.
Mikey Havoc has gone home to live with his Mum, tough times but good on him for manning up.
Apparently Cocaine is terribly popular with the smart set...mainly in Auks.
A Vegetarian goes to war...he wants us to live longer and help save the planet but we show little interest.
Hot Fashion Jewelery, Meadowlark are the best!
Jamie Webster shares her favourite things.
Best Dressed 2011, best of Arts, Music, Theatre etc... short stories galore and Al Brown and 7 other chefs help put together a glorious picnic feast!!
And lets hope that the always humorous and down to earth Duke of Edinburgh recovers well from his little heart malfunction. Bless.
Late breaking news Sinead O`Connor has now filed for divorce after... 18 days and the lovely Casey Green has married that little ole loose cannon Ali Williams, who teach some All Blacks a thing or two about always signing autographs.

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