Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vanity Fair January 2012

Into the future we go!
This is an interesting little issue and not for its cover Lady Gaga but for the fact that someone in Auckland has been buying up almost every copy of Vanity Fair they can lay their hands on and it is a someone, if it hadn`t been for the good folk at Mag Nation in Ponsonby Road I wouldn`t have a copy, this might make a gorgeous stocking filler if you really like Lady Gaga but it would be a rather expensive exercise as this is the airfreight edition!
Lady Gaga tells all and certainly shows it! All the makeup products are MAC and it is a gorgeous cover.
The Royal Romance you didn`t know about...
The Heroes who are braving the Japanese Hot Zones to help others.
P.D James does the Proust Questionnaire.
Thomas Horn....Jeopardy Wizz Kid turned Movie Star!
Rebecca Eaton the Lady behind all those period dramas we love, think Downton Abbey.
What really went on between Michael Ovitz and Teddy Forstmann as Forstmann battled for his life..
Jamie Bell makes the jump from Billy Elliott to Tintin...
Rick Perry zooms down the political ladder....
The talented and very witty Christopher Hitchens has passed away after a life that was very well lived, often very controversial he did have as habit of hitting the nail on the head even if you didn`t agree with him. RIP.
Celine Dion has her feet on the ground and 3000 pairs of shoes to put them in.
Hot Type rocks as do the winners of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy which includes 3 members of the Lauder family.

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